Your wedding is coming up and you had everything planned to a tee. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to enjoy the wedding day itself. But wait. You also need a person who will be in charge of everything on the actual day of your wedding. That person is called the day of wedding planner or coordinator. 


The day of wedding coordinator may be the same wedding planner you hired who helped you in deciding and preparing for a lot of the details of your wedding, from the wedding invitation to the wedding cake. The day of wedding coordinator has an entirely different set of responsibilities although his or her tasks are related to that of the wedding planner.  

It would be best if your day of wedding coordinator and wedding planner is one and the same as that would definitely save you a lot of trouble. The responsibilities of the day of wedding planners are the following: 

  1. Handle all deliveries and non-deliveries from the vendors

Days before the actual wedding date, the day-of-wedding planner is running a checklist of all vendors and their deliverables. She’s following up all the items expected on the wedding day, schedules the deliveries, and accept them once they come. They are also expected to come up with a backup plan in case of vendor no-shows. 

  1. Run the rehearsal

It’s the job of the day-of-wedding planner to run the wedding rehearsal not only for the sake of the bride, groom, and their guests but also of herself. The wedding rehearsal gives her a good idea of the timing of the events and how each part of the wedding is supposed to turn out.  

  1. Set up the venue

Day-of-wedding planners are also in charge of all the decorations on the day itself. They’ll oversee that everything is perfect on the wedding ceremony hall and reception area. They should make adjustments on the decorations as necessary.  

  1. Deal with unruly guests and wedding crashers

Weddings are the favorite targets of gate crashers. And because there’s flowing drinks from the bar, some guests may get unruly. It’s the job of the day-of-wedding planner to handle these matters and keep the order of the party.  

  1. Handle all the after-the-wedding affairs

There are a lot of other things to attend to after the wedding. The day of wedding planners are responsible for making sure that all deposits are refunded, rentals and borrowed items are returned, and whatever the guests left at the venue are brought back to their possession. They should also make sure that the wedding venue is left clean after the party. 

These are the things that a day of wedding planner does and you can see that their role is very crucial. They are highly indispensable during the wedding so you have to be very careful of whom you’ll assign with this task. You have to make sure that your wedding coordinator is responsible, organized, and meticulous.